Posted by: ralpham | December 16, 2010

The novel is finished – Now the hard work starts!

The novel is finished – Now the hard work starts!

Ralph – Welcome to my book blog. I have just finished my first novel and the purpose of this site is to be a diary of an unpublished author, documenting the search and choosing of an agent, through to the publishing process (hopefully:)) and the marketing once it’s published. My co-blogger will be Joe Simmonds, father of the singer and guitarist of The Message (read about him on the ‘About us’ page).

Also on this site are the first three chapters of the book. If you do find time to read them, please leave a comment below.

Ciao for now!



  1. Great idea for a blog, Ralph! Good luck in finding a publisher for your novel.

  2. Good luck, Ralph.

    My book (nonfiction) was recently taken up by a publisher and will be coming out in about 6 months.



    Twitter: @Rongreen5

  3. Good luck to you, Ralph. As an active member of a writers club, much of the discussion at meetings is about what happens after the book is completed. I will find some time to look at the early chapters. And, BTW, you’ve already started marketing the book.

    For your amusement you might like to have a look at the blog about my Year On The Road at

    Notice I have a widget for people to sign on to the blog. You ought to consider adding that to yours.

    Best of luck to you, Ralph

    • Hi Al, thanks for the comment. I was very interested in your Steinbeck Centre blog as I am a huge John Steinbeck fan.
      The ‘Sign me up’ widget is really cool. Have added it to my site.

      Take care, Rph

  4. Best of luck Ralph. You deserve it after all the early mornings and hard graft you have put into it. As someone else posted the blog is a good idea – never know it might make a second best seller!

  5. Ralph,

    Thanks for forwarding me the link to your book blog. I enjoyed reading what you posted and will watch with interest.

    Good luck.

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