Posted by: ralpham | December 26, 2010

Makes a change from socks!

Makes a change from socks!

Joe – You’ll never guess what one of my Christmas presents was. A laptop! Yeah, a bleedin laptop. Blimey, I’ve only seen ‘em on telly, now I’ve got one. Old Ralph must have more money than sense. I told him Mary’s gotta typewriter and that I could use it to do this blogging lark but he reckons with a computer it can be sent to him electronically, whatever that means. Anyway, after a lot of faffing about Mary got the thing turned on, sorry, got the Mac booted up. Before you know it she was typing away like a good un. I had a go but I was bleedin useless, what with my arthritis and such a tiny keyboard. I’m gonna have to get her to type while I dictate.

I’ve heard that with a computer you can search for just about anything on the planet. I then had this great idea of seeing if there’s any pictures of the Green Man as it used to be in the old days. Spent most of Boxing Day tearing my hair out trying to get it to work. Finally borrowed next door’s grandson. Found out the bleedin thing has to be connected to a phone line!

Felt a right twat!


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