Posted by: ralpham | January 13, 2011

Friends reunited!

Friends reunited!

Joe – Bingo! Gotta call from Harry a few days ago via his son and Facebook. He sounds just as crazy as ever. At the end of the phone call I told him about the book and that he was in it. He was like a bleedin kid at Christmas, so I wasn’t surprised when I got another call last night after he’d read the three chapters. He was dead chuffed at the bit about him clowning about on page 4. But he pretended be couldn’t remember being such a bastard after sleeping with Mary’s friend on page 19, so I asked if he wanted me to put the old girl on the line to refresh his memory. Suddenly the little git remembered everything. I reckon why he wanted that bit taken out was in case his missus read it. He’s so bloody scared of that woman, ha ha.

It was pretty easy finding out what Graham, our old bass player, has been doing the last cuppla decades. A quick Google and there he was. He’s got a string of DIY stores in the Midlands, the jammy bugger. Actually that’s not fair. He was the only real worker out of us four, grafting six days a week at that poxy wood-yard when the rest of us were chasing women and getting pissed. Good luck to him that’s wot I say!
Supposed to be seeing Harry for a beer at the weekend, if the shrew lets him out of course.

See ya next Thursday!

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