Posted by: ralpham | January 27, 2011

Life is for living…not waiting

Life is for living…not waiting

Joe – Had such a brilliant night with Harry nearly two weeks ago. Cos he lives in South London and me East, we thought we’d meet on neutral territory. Blimey, the West End has certainly changed! Time was when it was all media companies and proper businesses there. Now it’s all coffee bars and eateries. And also the place is just full of bleedin tourists and foreigners.

Anyway enough ranting. We had a great time drinking and talking about the good old days. It must’ve been the booze cos after he told me he’s gonna be 80 in a next cuppla months, we started yapping on about getting the band back together for a birthday gig. Okay, we’re getting on a bit, but I’m only 10 years older than Mick Jagger and he’s still doing world tours with the Stones!

And then he told me about Eddie. Our original drummer died about 15 years ago. Some kinda cancer; lung from what Harry could remember. After I got over the initial shock, I was even more determined that there would be a reunion.

Sod hanging about waiting for this book to get published, we’ve got some living to do!

See ya next Thursday!


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