Posted by: ralpham | February 3, 2011

He’s come a long way… quietly!

He’s come a long way… quietly

Joe – Dusted off the old guitar last night. Was surprised how easy it was to play despite the arthritis in my hands.

Also spoke to Graham on the phone. He still seems shy and lacking in self-confidence, just as he was when we were youngsters. But that’s rubbish, you can’t run a huge business and be a wimp, can you? Maybe it’s down to me, well that’s what Mary said when I got off the phone. She reckons I’d always bullied him. It’s funny, there he is, probably a multi-millionaire and he’s still scared of me, ha ha.

Anyway, he’s obviously done very very well for himself, but what he got most excited about was when he was talking about the birth of his first great-granddaughter last year. He always was a bit of a soppy git!

Been trying to work out when we last met. It’s gotta be when he helped me and Mary move into our flat after we got married in 1960. Fifty years, 50 bloody years! Where’s the time gone? I remember saying to him before he left that I’ll buy him a pint for helping us as soon as we’d sorted ourselves out. Some mate I’ve been, huh!

See ya next Thursday!


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