Posted by: ralpham | February 10, 2011

We Keep a Knockin’

We Keep a Knockin’

Joe – Met up with Ralph last night. Looks like it’s gonna be a long old waiting game. He was telling me about this author friend, of his – Jean Fullerton I think her name was. Apparently she’d written 12 books before she got her first one published. Twelve books!!! Also, there’s someone he’s met online who’d contacted 80 agents just to get three of them interested in her novel. When I asked him how many he’s been in touch with so far, he said seven. Get yer bleedin finger out Ralphie baby, I wanna see this book in print before I die, ha ha!

Last week the old girl was having a little dig at me about all the time I’m spending on this laptop. She said that up until a few years ago it was always my music that came between us and now, at this stage of her life, she didn’t wanna play second fiddle to a computer. Not sure how serious she was.

Actually, she’s got a point, cos thanks to the kid next door, I’ve discovered YouTube. Gotta admit I’m on it most nights watching the Rock n Roll greats like Little Richard. In the 50’s we used to finish every gig with ‘Keep a knockin’. Anyway better sign off now.

See ya next Thursday!


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