Posted by: ralpham | February 24, 2011

It’s all coming together!

It’s all coming together!

Joe – Finally got a weekend when Graham can make it down to London. Blimey, he must have one helluva social life or huge family commitments. Anyway it’s gonna be the last weekend in March and we’re also gonna meet up with Harry. It’s gonna be pretty weird cos neither of them have been in contact since the band split in 1960.

Graham asked me if Eddie will be coming along as well. I swear I heard him sob when I told him our ex drummer is dead. I guess the news must’ve been harder to take on the phone. At least I was face-to-face with Harry when he told me a month ago.

Suppose it’s being in contact with the boys, but I’ve been played the guitar more this year than I’ve done in the last decade. Also, I’ve noticed that the arthritis in my hands isn’t as bad as it was. I reckon it’s all this bleedin typing I’ve been doing for this blog. Well as least something positive is coming out of it.

Ralph’s gonna be writing the blog next Thursday. Bet it’s boring 🙂



  1. It’s about time Ralph picked up his keyboard again! I’ll check back then. Still, you do good work, Joe.

    • He reckons he too busy writing his new novel to blog, but I don’t believe him 🙂

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