Posted by: ralpham | March 3, 2011

Who does Joe Simmonds think he is!

Who does Joe Simmonds think he is!

Ralph – Hi folks, I’ve had several comments from people who were a bit confused as to who this Joe person is who blogs for me. As I’ve written on the ‘About us’ page, Joe Simmonds is one of the main characters in my book and is married to Mary. The story starts in 1957 when he was 24 and finishes in 1978 when he was 45, so now in 2011, he’s at the grand old age of 77.

This was never intended to be Joe’s blog but he seems to have taken over. He even got a bit stroppy when I said I’d be writing this week.

What I’d really love is if Mary would post a few blogs on the site, after all without her there wouldn’t have been her son Chris and we wouldn’t have had all this fantastic music he and his band made. And then of course there wouldn’t be my novel!

I spoke to her about it last week, and for the first time she didn’t give me an outright ‘no’. She’s even read all the blogs, although she said she got a bit emotional when she read the one two weeks ago called ‘An unending sense of loss’.
I know how she felt, I got a bit choked as well when Joe emailed it to me.

Ciao for now!



  1. Stroppy–what a great word. Can I use that for my Brit character? Almost as good as ‘suss’ it out. Umm, what exactly does it mean?

    I definitely think you should jump in now and then to keep us readers organized. I forgot Joe was your character–silly. I should have recognized it.

    • Hi JM, if folks think Joe is a real person then I guess I’m doing something right 🙂
      Stroppy means easily offended and surly.
      Take care, RM

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