Posted by: ralpham | March 10, 2011

Me and my big mouth!

Me and my big mouth!

By Joe – Well that was an interesting post from Murray last week, wasn’t it? So I’ve hijacked his blog have I? Well wot would he have to write about if I wasn’t doing it?

So I asked him how many literary agents had he contacted since the beginning of the year, and wot were the results? He looked a bit sheepish, as well he might. “Ten,” he said. “And wot were the replies?” I asked. “All rejections,” he said.
When I said that 10 wasn’t much, he started bleating on about having to hold down a full-time job, as well as beginning his new novel.
“A new novel,” I screamed. “You should be working on this one!”

Bloody hell, when I think of all those evenings me and Mary spent with him telling him about our lives and now he can’t be bothered to get his finger out and get the thing published.

Then I guess I went too far: “Maybe why no one’s interested in yer book is cos it’s not good enough.”
He stared at be for a long time, then took a cuppla deep breaths: “I think it’s best if I leave now.” Then he walked out.

See ya next Thursday…or maybe not!


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