Posted by: ralpham | March 24, 2011

Game, set and match to me!

Game, set and match to me!

By Joe – So Murray’s finally seen sense then. I must admit, I was hoping for more of a fight with him. These creative types are such bleedin wimps! When I was a driver I used to have to deliver parcels to advertising agencies and the people there were just like him, so precious and up ’emselves, but all you gotta do is answer ‘em back and they run a mile.
Yeah, it was good for him to admit I was right, but I don’t like being called a dummy. Gonna have a word with him about that!

Anyway, enough about him, it’s the grand reunion on Saturday. Me Harry and Graham. Can’t believe how quickly the weeks’ gone since I rang Gray. He’s gonna be staying overnight at our place and back to the Midlands on Sunday.

The old girl’s been fussing about the state of the house for ages. Well we’ve never had a millionaire stay at our place before. Okay, you could’ve put Chris in that bracket with all the success he had with his band, but he gave all his money away to his bleedin charities didn’t he?
Oh well, roll on Saturday, I’m gonna get so pissed!!!

See ya next Thursday!


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