Posted by: ralpham | March 31, 2011

Just like old times!

Just like old times!

By Joe – Wot a night we had last Saturday. Absolutely bloody brilliant! I couldn’t get over Graham though. He’s gone all posh with this poncy middle-class accent. Me and Harry kept taking the piss out of him all evening, mimicking everything he said. It was hilarious. But to be fair to him, he didn’t come over as some kinda big-shot, in fact he seemed almost embarrassed being so bloody wealthy. And as if being a millionaire wasn’t enough, the bastard’s still got a full set of hair!!!

Found out that Harry’s gonna be 80 in a cuppla months, so I told ‘em we’ve gotta get the band together to mark the event. The fat git was up for it but Graham was coming up with all these pathetic objections. Blimey, the guy hasn’t changed one little bit, always cautious about everything. Anyway, I talked him round, as usual. Harry suggested Pete Andrews, who was the drummer in Chris’ band, to complete the line-up. Brilliant idea!

So I’m gonna be looking at venues, Harry’s gonna contact Pete and Gray’s gotta do some serious practicing cos he hasn’t picked up his bass in decades.

Harry asked if he could write the blog next week. Wot a cheeky bugger, but hey, why not? That should get up up Murray’s nose, ha ha.

See ya next Thursday!


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