Posted by: ralpham | April 7, 2011

A new character hits the stage

A new character hits the stage

By Harry – Howdy people, I’m Harry, Joe’s mate from the old days. I told him I’m gonna be writing this week’s blog, cos you’re probably fed up with him banging on every Thursday aren’t ya?

He’s such a big-headed bugger. Fancy taking over someone’s blog. I’ve got some front but not even I would do such a thing. But you gotta wonder at this bloke Ralph for letting him get away with it. My son’s got a daily blog and I can just see him letting people muscle in on it. Blimey, he’d kill ‘em!

I love old Joe to bits but he just don’t care about anyone except himself, his missus and of course his son when he was alive.
Maybe that’s how you’ve gotta be to get on? No, that’s crap cos he hasn’t done anything special with his life, yet there’s Graham, the guy we all used to push around when we were in the band, and look at him now? I kept looking at him that Saturday nite and thinking, this can’t be the same wuss who used to lug our equipment to gigs without ever complaining?

Who’s says that good guys always come last?

Anyway, that’s enough from me,


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