Posted by: ralpham | April 13, 2011

Beware of slimy vanity publishers!!!

Beware of slimy vanity publishers!!!

By Ralph – Hi folks, several weeks ago I decided to contact a few publishers. After three months of rejections by literary agents you can imagine my euphoria when I got a reply from this publisher saying that they would like to take up my book. I downloaded the attachment from the email and read it. It said that I was expected to pay for the privilege of going with an outfit who quite clearly is a vanity publisher.

I went back to their website and nowhere did it say that authors had to pay for the pleasure of being published by them. I was going to send them a stinking reply, but instead I wrote: “Sorry for wasting your time with my MS but if it was stated on your website that authors are expected to share the publishing cost I wouldn’t have done so.”

The second novel’s going well. I’ve decided to write it in the First Person, Present Tense. I know it’s going against the grain of the modern novel but what the hell, I love a challenge. And to make it even harder, there’s me, a middle-aged black guy writing from the perspective of my lead character who’s an elderly white woman.
Interesting, huh?

As if I haven’t got enough problems with Mr Joe Simmonds, my co-blogger! ☺

Ciao for now!



  1. Who’s the ‘elderly’ white lady Mr M?

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