Posted by: ralpham | April 21, 2011

Bloody arty farty types. Hate ’em!

Bloody arty farty types. Hate ’em!

By Joe – Don’t you just wanna give Murray a slap? A company wants to publish his book and he says no to ‘em. Bloody hell, who cares who prints it, just as long as I get my story in print. I found out who this firm was after doing some digging around on the Web.

They may or may not be a vanity publisher but they don’t publish any old crap. They do reject some manuscripts. So there’s this outfit willing to invest half of the production cost and the bastard turns ‘em down.

I told Murray that if it’s about the money I’ll bloody stump up the cash but of course it isn’t. It’s about having some big poncy publishing saying: “Oh Ralphie darling, your novel’s such a thrilling read, we simply must publish for you. It will sit so nicely next to Gerald’s latest triumph. It’s not selling terribly well, but then what do the masses know about real literature?”

And wot’s this he said last week about his next book being about some old woman? Who wants to read about a bleedin pensioner? That guy is so up himself!

He was round at the weekend to see Mary, in fact he’s been around quite a bit recently. If she wasn’t old enough to be his mother I might start getting a bit suspicious.

See ya next Thursday!


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