Posted by: ralpham | April 28, 2011

Some marriages are made to last…

Some marriages are made to last…

By Joe – Can’t see wot all the fuss is about with this Royal wedding, cos nowadays marriages don’t last do they? Not like the good old days.

I remember when William’s grandparents got married in 1947. I was 14 but it only seems like yesterday. My folks obviously didn’t have a TV back then so we were crowded in front of the radio listening to the BBC Home Service, like everyone else in England, if not the whole bleedin Commonwealth. I remember getting a clip round the ear from the old man and told to suddup when I asked if I could go out and play with me mates.

I can’t say I’m a Royalist, but I do have some kinda respect for the Royal family. Okay they haven’t been setting such a great example, going back to the 60s with Princess Margaret and all her goings-on, right up to Charlie and Camilla, but some of the stick this young couple’s getting is just out of order.

Having said all that, I could do without seeing the wedding on telly tomorra, but I’m sure Mary’s gonna make me watch it all.
Blimey, 77 years old and I’m still being treated like a bloody kid! 🙂

See ya next Thursday!


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