Posted by: ralpham | May 19, 2011

Once upon a time in the East

Once upon a time in the East

By Ralph – I thought I’d give you some background of my novel “From Out Of The Blue”, just so you can understand this blog a bit better. Set in London’s East End, the story starts in 1957 when Joe meets Mary. While they are engaged she finds herself pregnant even though she is a virgin. She claims it is the work of God.

One of the hardest parts of writing their story was trying to convey how Joe comes to terms with the news – if he ever did. Anyway, Chris is born in 1960 and it becomes apparent that this is no ordinary boy. He follows Joe’s footsteps and becomes a musican.

He tells his mother he was sent to earth to spread God’s message of love, hope and forgiveness. The story ended in 1978, just before the international success of Chris and his band, The Message.

I ended it there because, although I was – and still am – a huge fan of Chris’ music and was devastated when he died in 1993, I didn’t want to write a rock ‘n’ roll history book because there’s been enough of them, especially with the mystery that surrounded his death.

In the last month or so my meetings with Mary have become pretty regular. She’s starting to open up more about Chris and what life had been like the weeks after her beloved son left her. It’s interesting, she always says “He left me”, never that he died.

I must get her to explain what she means…

Ciao for now!


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