Posted by: ralpham | May 26, 2011

It’s good to talk – apparently!

It’s good to talk – apparently!

By Joe – Call me a suspicious old bastard if you want but I’ll bet yer any amount of dosh that Murray’s writing about us again, well not me but Mary. It got me thinking when he said in a previous post that the lead character in his new book was an elderly woman.

A cuppla times when he’s been round our house, I’ve put my ear to the dining room door to hear wot he and Mary were up to. I’ve never heard him say a word, it was always the Old Girl and all the talk was about Chris. One time I must’ve been glued to the door for about an hour. It was terrible. She’d relived his funeral as if it was yesterday, not 18 bleedin years ago.

When Murray left the house that evening, all I wanted to do was to take her in my arms and comfort her, but of course I couldn’t cos she would’ve known that I was earwigging on her conversation.

I’d expected her to be really upset, but the weird thing was she seemed really calm and peaceful, so I guess the sessions wiv the creep must be doing her some good.

Maybe I’ve been too hard on Ralph in the past.

Nah, sod it! I reckon the reason why he gets on so well wiv women is cos he’s a bleedin queer!!!

See ya next Thursday!



  1. alright I will call you a suspicious old…

  2. Hey ‘Murray’–Happy Memorial Day (from the other Murray)

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