Posted by: ralpham | June 9, 2011

The Message is in the music

The Message is in the music

By Mary – Hello everyone, writing this post is all very strange, especially for someone who’s never even send an e-mail. I don’t know why Ralph’s making me do this, I really don’t have anything to say.

Actually, there is one thing I’ll like to clear up. It must seem from previous posts that all I do is mope around feeling sorry for myself. Well that’s simply not the case. Okay, we had a tragedy in 1993, but thousands of people have lost their children since then but they’ve had to get on with life the best they can, and that’s what Joe and I have done.

It’s only when Ralph comes round and asks questions do I talk about Chris. I have a very ordinary life otherwise, except for every Friday morning when I visit the grave.

Oh, sorry, there is something else. On the end of his post a few weeks ago,, Ralph was wondering why I never say that Chris is dead.  Well it’s quite simple really. I don’t believe he is. I believe he was sent to this world by God to spread The Message through his music. After his mission was completed and he ‘died’, he then went back to heaven to be with his Father.

I know it sounds crazy, but is it any more crazy than me getting pregnant while still a virgin? There are things in life that can’t be explained away, however much we try!

Thanks for reading this,

Mary Simmonds


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