Posted by: ralpham | June 16, 2011

If all else fails, get pissed!

If all else fails, get pissed!

By Joe – Well that was an interesting post by my wife last week. I knew she was gonna write it but I didn’t expect her to tell the whole world about her son. It makes me look like a right berk, cos as far as our friends and family are concerned I was Chris’ biological father. Now everyone’s gonna think that she’d been wiv some geezer before me. Well I thought that at first didn’t I, so why shouldn’t they? After all how many ways are there to get pregnant?

We had a chat about it at the weekend. At one point she asked me if I was angry wiv her. Wot the bloody hell could I say? I said: “Surely by staying wiv you when you got pregnant and bringing up Chris as my own showed I kinda believed you, so how could I be angry?”

Now, I bet you’re asking: “But how can you believe that your missus conceived by some act of God?”. Good question. Wish I had a good answer. I guess that’s why I’m sitting here half-pissed and its not even mid-day yet!

Oh yeah, and as for her saying that Chris was not dead, but that he’s in Heaven wiv God, well…

Bugger it! I can’t take this anymore, I gonna get totally rat-arsed. Where’s that vodka bottle?



  1. Too much swearing Joe, are things getting to you old chap?

    • Who’s this? Bet it’s one of Murray’s faggot friends. Better watch out sonny, cos you dunno who you’re messing wiv!

  2. oo-er get you missus!

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