Posted by: ralpham | June 23, 2011

Life after death? Who knows!

Life after death? Who knows!

By Ralph – Mary’s post was certainly a shock, and so were the reactions, not just by Joe, but from lots of fans of The Message. What some had said was that Chris had predicted his death and resurrection in his music, and they totally agree with Mary that he’s alive (but then some people swear that Elvis is still with us :)).

I have to admit, although I love The Message, I haven’t got as deeply into Chris’ lyrics as some of those fanatics have.

I know Joe told me he was not Chris’s dad when I was researching for the novel, From Out Of The Blue, but now, reading it on the Internet, it seems even more bizarre. How the hell could any man marry a woman after being told such a crazy story, least of all someone like Joseph Simmonds?

I did some digging around on the Web last night. Blimey, there must be hundreds of sites dedicated to Chris and his music. You wouldn’t believe he’s been dead for the past 18 years!

Two things I need to do very soon: one, talk some more with Mary; two, not only play, but listen closely to The Message’s CDs.

Ciao for now!



  1. Well, you’ve been busy since I last visited. How are book sales for you? Can you tell what works and what doesn’t as far as marketing goes?

    Me, I’m off teaching for the summer so will devote it to my mss. This weekend, I’m off to a conference on tech in ed.

  2. Mary, Joseph & Chris… you’ve missed out a letter! dear boy!

    • It’s good to see you’re paying attention but his name is Chris 🙂

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