Posted by: ralpham | June 30, 2011

Never too old to rock ‘n’ roll!

Never too old to rock ‘n’ roll!

By Harry – Howdy people, remember me from a cuppla months ago? I’m Joe’s mate from our rock ‘n’ roll days.

That was a bit of a turn-up about Joe wasn’t it?. So he knew Mary was carrying someone else’s baby, but he still married her? We all knew he was totally nuts about her from the very beginning but bringing up someone else’s kid? That’s just bloody crazy!

I’ve always said it, “Women, yer can’t bleedin well trust em.” But even so, I still can’t believe Mary did that behind Joe’s back. Blimey, if there was one women I thought was half-decent, it was her. A pregnant virgin? Wot a story! Who does she think’s gonna believe such cobblers?

I rang Joe about it last week but he musta been pissed cos he was rambling on about all sortsa rubbish. The only thing I understood was when he said: “Read Ralph’s manuscript, it’s all in there.”

Blimey Joe, please don’t tell me you believe yer missus?

Anyway, enough of all that crap, next weekend’s my 80th birthday and we’re gonna be celebrating with the reunion of our band. It’s been more than 50 years since me, Joe and Graham were on stage together.

It’s gonna be bloody brilliant. That’s if we can sober Joe up 🙂

That’s enough from me,



  1. I’m getting the picture now…

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