Posted by: ralpham | July 7, 2011

And the band played on!

And the band played on!

By Joe – It was Harry’s 80th birthday last week and we’d decided months ago to have a band reunion. Graham was struggling to get a suitable venue so we finally decided to hold it at Matt’s place, which is a bleedin mansion in Buckinghamshire (he was Chris’ best mate and bassist wiv The Message). There were people I hadn’t seen since the 50’s, one even brought his great-grand son.

The whole event was held on this massive lawn wiv catering staff, and everything! Matt had even rigged up a mini stage. So after a cuppla hours eating and drinking, the Raiders – starring me on guitar and vocals, Harry on trumpet and Graham on double bass – took to the stage, with Pete filling in on drums.

I’d like to say we were absolutely awesome but I’d be lying, but wot I can say is that it was the most fun we’ve all had in yonks. We just grinned at each other all the time we were playing. At one point I spotted Mary wiv her hands clasped over her ears ☺
We finished of course, wiv Little Richard’s ‘Keep A Knockin’, just like the old days. It’s a good job Matt hasn’t got any neighbours!

It’s bin five days since then and my voice still hasn’t recovered!

See ya next Thursday!


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