Posted by: ralpham | July 14, 2011

An unwanted guest

An unwanted guest

By Ralph – You’ll never guess, but I made it to Harry’s birthday bash. You should’ve seen Joe’s face, it was an absolute treat. He came up to me and growled: “Wot the bleedin hell are you doing here?”

Luckily, Mary was in earshot. “I invited him, that’s why he’s here,” she said quietly. He looked at me, then her and back to me. He swallowed a retort, then stormed off.

I met Matt and tried to talk to him but he was having none of it, although he did ask if I was still trying to get Chris’ story published. Answering in the affirmative was clearly not what he wanted to hear. I asked him if he’d read my manuscript. “No,” he snapped. “Look, the guy’s dead, why can’t you let him rest in peace?” I tried to tell him I was a fan, not a journalist but he clearly didn’t believe me.

Apart from Mary, Matt had been the closest person to Chris, so it would’ve been great to talk to him. That evening, I tried four or five times to corner him but to no avail.

It was great finally meeting Harry and Graham in the flesh. Harry was just as I’d imagined him when I was writing about them. The only difference was that in the book, From Out Of The Blue, they were young men, now they’re elderly.

Musically, the band was pretty good, especially Graham. The only thing that let them down was Joe’s singing, but he admitted as much in last week’s blog.

Ciao for now!


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