Posted by: ralpham | August 4, 2011

A blast from the past!

A blast from the past!

By Joe – Well I never! Remember I was whinging about life being a bit flat two weeks ago? Well you’ll never guess who’s bin in touch cos of this blog. A cuppla members of the Tom Cats, the band that beat us in the ‘Best East London Band’ competition, that’s who! And yeah, you’ve guessed it, they’re STILL playing after six decades!

Apparently, one of their daughters was messing around on the internet and googled the name of her old man’s rock and roll band, and ‘hey presto’, the first three chapters of Ralph’s manuscript popped up. To say they were chuffed to read about themselves is one helluva understatement.

Anyway, so after the guys had read about how envious I was of Graham’s jazz sessions, they contacted me and invited me to make some music wiv em. Course I jumped at the chance. I think Mary was even more excited that me. But that’s probably cos I’ve been moping around the house and she’s gonna be glad to see the back of me for a cuppla hours.

I know I’m being a soppy old git, but I wonder wot would’ve happened if the Raiders had beaten the Tom Cats that summer evening in 1957 and it was us who scooped the prize of that recording contract?

Oh well…
See ya next Thursday!



  1. Are the couple of members from the Tomcats called Jonesey and Betty old chap?

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