Posted by: ralpham | August 18, 2011

The evidence of a Godless society!

The evidence of a Godless society!

By Ralph – The wanton criminality on the streets of many cities in England last week was nothing short of sickening. That was the general view of the UK media, politicians and the Great British public – including me.

Widening the debate, I’ve been thinking about the moral malaise that is so much a part of modern life, like the parliamentary expenses scandal of 2009/2010. Were the rioters any worse than greedy politicians? Absolutely not! Both groups were out to grasp something that was not theirs.

I guess the big question is: does anybody really care about what is right and wrong anymore? Or is it simply down to what the individual can get away with?

Maybe it’s all these conversations I’ve been having with Mary about God and all that spiritual stuff,  but if we as a society/nation/world could get back to the fundamentals of being truly human – having a sense of what is good and what is evil – then surely we could turn this hateful, hurting world around!

Ciao for now!


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