Posted by: ralpham | September 1, 2011

Olde big-mouth is back!

Olde big-mouth is back!

By Joe – I dunno wot Murray’s doing commenting on the world’s woes when he should be getting his arse in gear and getting my story published. Blimey, if it wasn’t for his people there wouldn’t have bin rioting and looting on the streets of London in the first place (I bet he deletes that bit before he posts this on his blog!).

I was having a jamming session wiv me mates from the old days last nite, and they’re as eager as I am to see ourselves in print. It’s all right for Murray, he’s only a youngster, but we’re all in our bleedin 70s and 80s, we ain’t got much time left on this planet.

I was on the blower to him after I got in last night. I gave him a right mouthful about how bone-idle he was. It’s nearly nine months he’s bin trying to get a publisher, nine bloody months! Anyway, I must’ve gone over the top a bit cos it woke up the old girl. She came up behind me, tapped be on the shoulder, took the phone from me and ever so gently placed it on the receiver.

Sometimes I wish she would scream and shout at me like any normal wife, cos I guess I do deserve it, especially when I’ve bin out drinking!

See ya next Thursday!


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