Posted by: ralpham | September 8, 2011

“I reserve the right to be irrational”

“I reserve the right to be irrational”

By Ralph – “I reserve the right to be irrational as long as I’m not hurting anyone”, was a phrase used by a good friend of mine yesterday evening. The context was that she feels people should have the right to make choices, even if it may be harmful to the individual, like smoking.

Earlier in the week I returned to the well-trodden debate of traditional versus self-publishing with someone on one of my LinkedIn writing groups. She made some very good and pertinent points why one should self-publish, countering my view that the traditional publishing industry should be the arbiter of whether a book is good enough to be published.

Although these people are industry professionals, I know that choosing what is worthy of publishing is an art, not a science and that some great writers have been turned down, like the oft-quoted JK Rowlings, who was initially rejected by a dozen publishing houses.

I have to admit I did sway for a few days, but then I had to quote my friend: “I reserve the right to be irrational.”

Ciao for now

ps. Thanks for a wonderful, if irrational, evening Sarah 🙂



  1. u have heard about the tragic accident. hockey players. all young people.
    life is short. too short. isn’t it?

    let me know when i can read your book.

    • Hi M, no I hadn’t heard of the tragedy, I’ve just read about it. Live is indeed short. I can send you more chapters when you’re read the three on the blog.


  2. send my regards to Joe and Mary! really love them 🙂

    • What a lovely comment. If only agents and publisher thought the same 🙂

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