Posted by: ralpham | September 22, 2011

Spitting: A social disease

Spitting: A social disease!

It there anything more disgusting than seeing someone spit on the streets? I don’t think so! I am appalled how prevalent it is becoming on the streets of London. Don’t these people have any shame or sense of decorum?

One of the depressing aspects of it is that even if there was a public-awareness campaign on how spitting can spread diseases such as tuberculosis (TB), pneumonia and influenza, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t stop these oiks.

One of my passions is watching soccer on TV, but why oh why do these overpaid prima donnas have to let loose projectiles of spittle every time they tackle, get tackled, shoot at goal, miss or score?

They know that they’re televised and their germ-spreading missles will be witnessed by millions, but they obviously don’t care how stomach churning their actions are.

Surely if FIFA, football’s governing body, is serious about cleaning up the sport they would sent out an directive to ban such foul behaviour, after all, if a 10-year-old sees his idol spitting, isn’t he going to emulate him?

I know that in some cultures spitting is acceptable, but for me, this is a case of the old adage ‘When in Rome…

See link below for more on this subject.



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  2. Yes I agree, there is absolutely no need for this disgusting habit. Even seeing the photo header on your post turns my stomach. It is a constant bugbear between me and my husband as well.

  3. I’ve had guys spit on dates with me (no, I’m not kidding) and a panhandler spit when asking me for money. I don’t look around for guys spitting, but I see it quite often and it’s gross. I never see women doing this. Why do men spit so much? Knock it off, men!
    BTW, I think male soccer players would be “primo dons” or something.

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