Posted by: ralpham | October 13, 2011

The inmates are taking over the aslyum! (continued)

The inmates are taking over the aslyum! (continued)

By Ralph – Hi Folks, in answer to my question of two weeks ago, which was: “Do your characters sometimes take the storyline to places you don’t want it to go? And if so, how do you rein them in?” I got 40-plus responses from my writing groups on LinkedIn (thanks to you all). The general concensus was:  “You don’t!”

It seems that for the majority of the writers, they are conduits for their creations, and they just let them tell their stories.

It’s definitely ‘food for thought’ as I have never written that way before. It may be a route to pursue in the future, but as my current project is the sequel to my first novel, it makes sense to follow its style.

After hours of scribbling and rescribbling on my vacation, I’ve worked out where, when and how Mary’s son died without the novel turning into a who-dunnit, sorry Dale (apologising to one of your characters, how weird is that!) 🙂

Another interesting issue is having the characters make the transition from middle-age to elderly – the novel is from 1993 to the present, while From Out Of The Blue was from 1957 to 1978.

Fortunately I have Joe, Mary and a few others blogging for me which has really helped me to see them in this new stage of their lives.

Ciao for now!


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