Posted by: ralpham | October 19, 2011

Life in the slow lane

Life in the slow lane

By Mary – The nights really are closing in. It seems only a few weeks ago when spring had sprung, and here we are already in mid-October. It’s a bit like life really. Joe and I’ve been married for 50 years but it certainly doesn’t feel like half a century – whatever that’s supposed to feel like.

I’d better draw the curtains I suppose. Although this is a very nice area, you can’t be too careful can you? Cor, the old bones are getting creaky. I’m going to need a hoist to get me out of this armchair soon. Actually, I’m only joking, I’m not that bad really. It’s hubby I’m more concerned about. He’s got a bad back – probably due to all that weight he’s carrying around – and for the last five years, arthritis in both his hands.

The front door slams and seconds later, Joe enters the room wheezing, with beads of sweat on his brow.

“Blimey, it’s getting a bit parky out there, old girl.” He slowly bends while holding his back and brushes my forehead with cold lips.

“Shoulda got a cab back from the shops instead of waiting for the bleedin bus. Wanna cuppa?” he asks me.

“No, I’m fine thanks, but you sit down, I’ll get you one, you look all in.”

I lay aside the paperback, exchange spectacles and eased myself out of the settee at the same time as Joe flopped into his armchair. The old boy doesn’t need a second invitation, does he? :).

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Bless you all,
Mary Simmonds


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