Posted by: ralpham | October 27, 2011

Never wish for the perfect partner – It might come true!

Never wish for the perfect partner – It might come true!

By Joe – Bloody hell, It’s bin ages since I’ve written one of these things. I betcha thought I’ve bin sulking since I got pissed and slagged off  Murray six weeks ago

Well I suppose I did sulk a bit, but it’s only cos I can’t sound off at Mary and get over it. How can you rant at someone who makes Mother Teresa look like Cruella De Vil? God, it’s so frustrating!

He’s such a smarmy bastard that Murray, he even brought her flowers after she’d written her post last week. Apparently he said she should consider doing some creative writing, whatever that is. The old girl was over the moon. I can’t remember her being so happy in the 18 years since her son died.

I read it last nite. I was most impressed. It was so much more relaxed than the first one she wrote in June, but I didn’t like how I can across tho. It was as if I was so old, I already had one foot in the bleedin grave (actually, one of our neighbours always calls me Victor Meldew, the cheeky, fat cow)!

Anyway, if the old girl’s happy then I’m happy.

See ya soon!


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