Posted by: ralpham | November 25, 2011

That’s my girl!

That’s my girl!

By Ralph – Hi folks, so what did you think of Mary’s story over the last two weeks? A couple of people thought her writing was better than mine 🙂 I thought it was fantastic, considering it was her first attempt. I loved the line, “My mouth stretches wider in a facsimile of a smile”.

I also liked it written in the First Person Present Tense. I tried it earlier in the year. While is was great to really get to know the character, I found it was hard to move the story along. It was like walking down a narrowing tunnel!

I went to the Simmonds’ house last night. Joe opened the door, and for once he seemed almost glad to see me. Normally it’s just me and Mary in the back room talking, but this time we were all together. Having his wife’s story posted on my site was clearly as thrilling to him as it was to Mary.

Several times I caught Joe looking quite intently at her, almost as if for the first time. But then, the description of her weekly visit to her son’s grave was so personal and vivid, it must have given his a greater insight into the woman he had shared the last 51 years with.

I guess that is one of the benefits of writing: you can express feelings and emotions that would be hard to talk about, no matter how close you are to someone.

Ciao for now!


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