Below are the first three chapters of From Out Of The Blue.

I hope you enjoy reading them.



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Please leave a comment below. Thanks.



  1. Any publisher that does not publish this should die! XD

    • Well maybe just give them a Chinese burn, lol
      Thanks TB

  2. Great start, can’t wait to read the rest. nothing personal but DW will wait for it to be serialised in caravan monthly!

  3. I enjoyed reading these chapters again. they draw you into the story and let us see Joe and his world vividly. Well done!

    Now the trick is to push, submit and promote book one while getting on with book two.

    Good luck

    Jean F

    • Thanks for the comment Jean, Bless you!

  4. Just finished Chapter 1. Bravo! Contrasting characters + clear goals + lots of conflict + unresolved sexual tension (known as UST in the biz) = great read. And I’ll never look at the Green Man in quite the same way again! Will read the rest soon.


  5. Ralph! I’ve only just got round to reading this – it’s great! So authentic. I started going to the Green Man in the early 70’s so this has stirred up lots of memories. I really wish you well with it. Sue x

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